Wednesday, February 18, 2009

afternoon delight

now playing "i want the be cold" by the microphones

so i was caught up in a frenzy all day. it's new york, been on my feet working since the morning, and on top of it all it's fashion week. well, what's a girl to expect? but i finally had a chance to sit down for some brunch with a date with WWD topped with a venti caramel coffee concoction (with some extra whipped cream)... digging through a bunch or papers and was able to pass by a little marc by marc. i became overjoyed to see a great gatsby attire revival by marc by marc reinterpreted for the modern man. from the brushed up hair to a gentile mix of saturated prints and wovens projected on the boys were definitely something i was hoping to see ::sigh:: if only i had a boyfriend to dress in the collection!

so that's a snippet of what i hope to see worn on the isle next fall... and don't think i'm leaving without posting s'more things i hope to get my hands on. the far right is another piece by marc by marc. the tasteful layers and cheerful winter color combo comes together to form an outfit that i could totally see myself navigating the park in when the leaves are at their peak.... socks, boots, scarf, jacket, and all!

and the original marc jacobs collection from the other day had a few pieces that caught my attention on the same level:

alright, well, i'll be back in the tents for most of tomorrow. hopefully i'll have time to keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on the street

tapping my feet to "wilted flower" by neon glitter club

yeyyy rachel is going to be one of my bestfriends for a consecutive year ;-) i love the flattering furs implemented throughout her collection. and the colors, oh the colors.

but what a shame! new york fashion week seems a bit out of whack with all the regulars skipping over the whole shenanigan. the ambiance at the park has hit a bit of a funk and i just don't like it one bit. from the sponsors to the actual garments things just seem a tad lackluster. hopefully london, milan or paris have something up their sleeves. i still have my fingers crossed for you new yorkers out there.

i did however get the chance to bump into bill cunningham again. i wasn't finished telling my "guess who i was formally introduced to" stories from last season before i was able to spend the afternoon ON THE STREET with this endearing lad. he was fidgeting from one manual camera to the next while trying to get that right shot. if i could i would shrinkidink him and carry him around in my pockets. i'll be excited to see what he comes up with by the end of this week for the times. oh! and you have to see him chase people down the sidewalks, it's the cutest thing!

anyway, let's get down to business. some of my girls have been doing a pretty decent job this season. i literally had a ginormous smile imprinted on my face the second i saw erin's collection (and as she walked out following the models at the closure of her show, i kindly laughed from her quirkiness.) that line is the epitome of sweetheart! i can certainly see myself dancing around in her white colorwayed dress paired with that lustrous lavender, knicked-shoulder blazer during the first snow flurry eight months from now!

Friday, February 13, 2009

good things come in threes

so i came across this slightly informative article on to sum it up for those of you who "have more important things to do" with your time: retailers, even those who maintain frequent appearances at good ol' new york fashion week, are feeling the pinch. rather than take personal cuts on there paychecks in order to present this season's collection at the tents they're deciding to take the events and place them in more convenient, less costly destinations, i.e., vera swapping the whole catwalk at the tents for a meager scrapwalk at her flagship. for those designers that are still appearing at bryant park, they're limiting their extravaganza by diluting their invitation list. as david colman likes to put it; it's "the decelebrification of fashion week". but hey! this little girl's not complaining ;-) that's just one less person i have to deal with at the park this week! in addition, it will be nice for things to switch back to the way they used to be when these events actually felt exclusive and things were about the actual artwork of the artist rather than having people glaring around trying to figure out where the olsen twins are...

i'll leave you with my three favorites ensembles to hit new york so far -->

[img courtesy of stlye and nymag]

and one last thought or rather question... does anyone else see a resemblance with peter som's look 1 from yesterday and marni's collection for spring 2009? just something that hit me at first sight

Thursday, February 12, 2009


on the radio: "wedding bells" by beach house

so while most people are thinking about things like will the stimulus package help me, how to cram for midterms this semester, or when they need to file for their unemployment compensation, i have been thinking about more important things this week: lunch bags. just this week i went on a little excursion to central park after navigating around the cooper-hewitt and guggenheim in the UES because weather took a sharp turn from five below to sixty-five degrees this week. after such a long day, a girl like me decided to sit down for a little break and freshen up with a sweet treat. to my dismay my pear had been squished inside my backback >:( my train of thought had suddenly went to thinking in terms of how to solve this problem. who decided we can't carry lunch bags anymore? okay, so i understand the theory behind plastic boxes with lion king prints - thought totally cute - are kind of a burdon to carry around, but i try not to use brown bags because i strongly dislike wasting pieces of paper... especially when i know it's difficult to find any place in manhattan to recycle on common avenues. that's when, to my delight, i came by the newly released, fifi lapin le sport sac lunch bag!

what a great solution! no more bruised fruit or messy purses for this this young lady ;-) by the way, i hope everyone has a pleasant valentine's filled with sweet boxes of chocolate!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

springing back into spring

playing on youtube: "it's all over now baby blue" by bob dylan

i kept getting nudges asking me to post back up on this thing. quite honestly, i didn't think anyone read my blog so i crumpled it up and tossed it aside. my lovely friend steph asked me to give her a low down on what going on this spring season so this was what i ended up surfacing for her in our conversation. my biggest suggestion is just to have fun during these lousy economic times

first i would be honored to introduce to you the dress of my dreams. dress of my dreams, meet my readers. readers, meet the dress of my dreams...
>>erin fetherston<<

here's some of the basic things i could not fathom living without for spring/summer:
1. subtle plaids: it's carrying on over from the obvious spotlight appearance this fall, but in a much softer, pallid pallet. think periwinkle, clay, and fog
2. statement heels... so this one haaaaas to be every girls favorite. heel are no longer just worn for function. this season heels have morphed into artwork. my suggestions for pieces to check out would have to be ysl's cage heel and karl lagerfeld's revolver heel for chanel
>>yves saint laurent<<
3. rolled pants... you can easily get this look just by taking out an old pair of boot cuts and rolling them yourself. i know urban and h&m have some fantastic choices if you need a fresh pair. also you can check out top shop unique at if you want. they did a fantastic job with the look. it's very 80's the lighter to jean the better. acid wash can be your new best friend
>>marc by marc<<
4. THE JUMPER! god there's a powder blue, silk play suit done by stella mccartney with a scoop back that is outstanding. if i could somehow afford it i don't think i'd ever take it off once i put in on. but i am forever21 and urban will provide us with the look any time now for a much more pleasant price
5. circle sunglasses/or exaggerated angular frames. okay so this look isn't supposed to be popular until fall 09/spring 10 but i'm already taking out my wallet and being forward about it. at loemans they have these by ralph lauren and burberry from prior seasons. i was lucky enough to snag a pair of gold wired, futuristic ones by miu miu this past fall
6. platform. anything and everything that goes on your feet should have one. don't be discouraged by these intimidating fellows either... they're actually a breeze to walk in! i work eight hour days with them on. free people always comes out with sandals during the summer with great wooden features but nine west can even get you some leather booties for cheap i'm sure too.
>>john galliano<<
7. a trend i call "little braids" looks great on wavy and curly hair. just scatter thin braids throughout your hair. i saw this look in person at nanette lepore's runway. it was sooooo cute!
8. chunky necklaces... they have to be short and with huuuuugeee beads, stars, ropes, jewels, geopmetrics, WHATEVER. long is out for the next few seasons.
>>anna sui<<
>>united bamboo<<
9. the box bag. cute for a night out or a light day. basically it's a box with a handle on it. h&m has a cute one right now that feux patent leather covered with darling hearts. appropriate for spring fever if you ask me!
10. the lunch bag bag... another option for a bag. it's rolled on top. the name says it all
11. circles... whether they're polka dots from kors or silhouetted like chloe or christopher kane
>>rebecca taylor<<
12. rachel comey for hair-sperations
13. i saw a few corset-ish tops that would be awesome paired with any highwaisted bottoms. (see alexander wang) verrrry cary bradshaw
>>isaac mizrahi<<
14. bow ties with collared shirts for spunk
15. miss-matched florals. skirts and tops. marni did this good with prints but i saw a lot of editors at fashion week already doing this at bryant park and i really liked the way it looked.
>>rachel comey<<
>>eley kishimoto<<
16. blue leopard. think maggie gyllenhaal in her lanvin dress at the oscars. i could eat it all up

i'm already thinking in terms of Spring 2010 so it's quite difficult to warp back into real time, but i tried my best to get down to business with the key things that are wearable. enjoy!

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