Thursday, October 15, 2009

girl meets boy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the city of lights

Je suis tres desole! I have been absolutely tied up with a never-ending list things to do and things that should be done but have been put off for far too long, including this blog. Paris, as promised, catered to my every need. A vibrant mixture of effervescent designs that were engineered to make any femme heureuse dance around in pure joy! I thought that it would be appropriate to commence with a gathering of outfits that unfeignedly snagged by attention:

Here we have a wondrous look of a few key styles that will be propelling the direction of fashion during the warmer months. In the first image we can preview the Bubblegum pink lipstick that I have highlighted as one of my most adored beauty trends. The power belt is another look that has seemed to flow appropriately from autumn as well. Another guest appearance in Paris has been the exposed brassier. In contrast to it's predecessors who are much more subtle and hide behind layers of sheer fabrications, here we witness a full frontal flaunt like the featured number by Yves Saint Laurent that that remains refined with it's simplistic shape and minimalist colouring. Sonia Rykiel too demonstrate emphasis on the bust in several outfits within her collection.

Another noticeable color that seemed to saturate the shows was this muted peach/nude. In many cases this coloring was presented in an arcadian manner or a morphed, futurist fashion.

Speaking of futuristic concoctions, let's take another moment to reflect on McQueen's mastery of this category. A mon avis, he has crafted an assemblage that eerily resembles the anthropod-like components of a queen bee or wasp. His entire line blew me away.

Moreover, we have another designer, Hannah MacGibbon, who has filled in the spot of fellow alumni such as Karl, Phoebe, and Sella at chez Chloe. Her creations? Pleasantly faultless in every way artistfully possible! Modest sartorial formations, military greens, and chunky sandals were the glue that held this presentation together. If you peak through the collection yourself, you will notice that my gal Freja Beha sported the most sensational outfits in he entire collection.

And before I part, it is vital for me to applaud one more fellow that will forever remain dear to my heart, Monsieur Alber Elbaz. This mastermind produced a line at Lanvin that revolved around sculpted shoulder. Each dress or top seemed to display some form of molded accents that gathered asymmetrically at this exact joint. The fabrics flounced and the glitter accents glossed, reminding us again that this jolly lad still has an endless supply of talent hidden up his sleeve.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

King McQueen

Talk about art! If you haven't already watched the show in entirety, well, shame on you! I'm absolutely teasing, but I would really recommend locating a better quality copy for your own pleasure. The aesthetic of his entire show - eerie soundtrack, futuristic visuals, and morphic designs - are, hands down, worthy of a section at the MoMa. Not a single designer can surpass Alexander's fascinating, awe-inspiring collection for Spring/Summer. I dare you to debate this!