Friday, February 13, 2009

good things come in threes

so i came across this slightly informative article on to sum it up for those of you who "have more important things to do" with your time: retailers, even those who maintain frequent appearances at good ol' new york fashion week, are feeling the pinch. rather than take personal cuts on there paychecks in order to present this season's collection at the tents they're deciding to take the events and place them in more convenient, less costly destinations, i.e., vera swapping the whole catwalk at the tents for a meager scrapwalk at her flagship. for those designers that are still appearing at bryant park, they're limiting their extravaganza by diluting their invitation list. as david colman likes to put it; it's "the decelebrification of fashion week". but hey! this little girl's not complaining ;-) that's just one less person i have to deal with at the park this week! in addition, it will be nice for things to switch back to the way they used to be when these events actually felt exclusive and things were about the actual artwork of the artist rather than having people glaring around trying to figure out where the olsen twins are...

i'll leave you with my three favorites ensembles to hit new york so far -->

[img courtesy of stlye and nymag]

and one last thought or rather question... does anyone else see a resemblance with peter som's look 1 from yesterday and marni's collection for spring 2009? just something that hit me at first sight