Sunday, November 23, 2008

grand opening

currently stuck in my head all weekend: "it's not easy being green" by cave babies

i was really doubting myself on my photoshoot this week. though, i have to admit, it went over pretty well. it took me about two hours to construct a square mechanism that would remain attached to our model's (Leah) head. all in all the mock-up turned out delightful!

model: Leah Damour
photography, styling, hair, and make up: moi
propping and lighting: Borna Ghaffarian

Friday, November 21, 2008

who said silence was golden?

you are absolutely tempted to join in. go ahead, it's just a little harmony......

Monday, November 17, 2008


my favorite on-the-go accessory this winter is inspired by snow white and the seven dwarves.
well..... mainly just the little guys:

Mister Chris Benz seems to have created the perfect outfit to accompany these Dopey hats. you should also check out the rest of his collection as well it's just as cute, if not, even cuter. i specifically am choosing the pieces that reflect my new fascination

Friday, November 14, 2008

i'd like a white russian

What's playing? "white winter hymnal" by fll l l l l ee e e e t f ff f f f o xx eeee ss

Ah! I'm so thrilled about Vogue Russia's babushka doll designer collaboration for their anniversary! It's funny because I was actually considering taking some of the plainer one's I have collected and making them into my own craft projects. Drats! They beat me to it. Anyhow, I don't think my ideas would have nearly translated as well as these three dolls have:

[click to enlarge]

made by made by

currently listening to: "atlantis" by whispertown2000

so i thought i'd share on of my most treasured mediums of art... needlepoint! i have a few portraits and landscape pieces that i have collected over the year to hang on my galleria of artwork in my bedroom. one of my favorite artists by far is the brains behind "made by hank". my banner is actually a piece from one of her earlier collections that i really adore.

aren't the themes wonderful? and if that isn't enough she also make these handmade, one-of-a-kind bags that are something special you can treat yourself to on her website:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rue du jour

currently podding to "winter is the season" by boy.

it's time to have a very serious conversation boys and girls... it's around this time last year that i started my internship at teen vogue and i was enlightened with a new affection for manoush thanks, in part, to one of the freelance stylist working there at the same time i was. i renember the illuminated smile that would appear on my face every single time i would unload the deliveries of samples from their season's collection! everything looked so charmingly fragile. during my travels across europe this summer, i was lucky enough to have strayed away after visiting the Louvre onto a little, cobblestone street that took me to the doorsteps of their boutique. with pastels galore, over-sized jewels, calico florals, and white laced tights... it was all just a dream come true - sigh - all the more reasons why i need a trip back to france!

oh and their winter collection is something i'm so putting on my holiday wish list! the dainty dresses and
those wittle rabbits they use in their ads are a simple necessity for every girl's daydreams!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

sunday mornings

currently playing: "not letting you go" by taken by trees

waking up. groggy. on a sunday.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

little bitty pretty one

Currently stuck in my head: "les champs-élysées" by joe dassin

Narciso, Narciso, Narciso... all we are hearing about - in regards to style at least - is the unflattering choice Michelle made the night of the election. In my personal opinion, I too feel the selection was just mediocre and lacked the effortless swank I was anticipating to see that big night. Luckily, I was more concerned with what Barack had to say anyway. Just admit it... the dress simply was better suited for Irina Kulikova. Regardless, I do appreciate the first lady's (boy, does it feel good to be able to say that) step away from the conventional attire we are all oh-so-often forced to accept. Who said real life, successful women can't take some risks with their wardrobes?

I also want to say how upset I am that Sasha Obama isn't getting any press on this! C'mon! Did you see her exaggerated, black bow dress that was topped with a complimenting cropped, velvety button-up jacket? I wanted to grab her and squeeze her cheeks on that stage. Keep an eye out America... we have a new, tween fashion icon on our hands!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

lady liberty

listening to: "the counting song" by the loyal we

it's the most satisfying feeling having been able to vote. of course, since it's my first time doing so and, being that i am home and all, my mom insisted on taking a picture of my first day. it made me laugh because it brought back the old memories of day one at kinder garden!

i did however spend the morning in the upper east side taking pictures that i'm developing to create a photo-joiner of the two hour long lines going down third avenue of people waiting to vote. it's for a portfolio piece i'm calling "the faces behind the ballot". barbara walters was one of a few that made the cut. i have to admit though, most people looked so somber in the single file lines down the streets "it's as if they're waiting to get holy communion." either way i was so impatient all day and was so thrilled to be back in new jersey, dust off my bike, and head to the town library to pick my ideal candidate.

after going to the there, i should probably mention, i decided that i want to work at the library during the summer just so i can read tons of book, wear cute outfits, and hang out with the little kids the whole time!

[dress: h&m, vest: bdg, blouse: go!, bow tie: vintage]
history in the making

afterwards i went to rob's for all my instrumental gadget needs!
tra dada da deet do da da!