Thursday, February 12, 2009


on the radio: "wedding bells" by beach house

so while most people are thinking about things like will the stimulus package help me, how to cram for midterms this semester, or when they need to file for their unemployment compensation, i have been thinking about more important things this week: lunch bags. just this week i went on a little excursion to central park after navigating around the cooper-hewitt and guggenheim in the UES because weather took a sharp turn from five below to sixty-five degrees this week. after such a long day, a girl like me decided to sit down for a little break and freshen up with a sweet treat. to my dismay my pear had been squished inside my backback >:( my train of thought had suddenly went to thinking in terms of how to solve this problem. who decided we can't carry lunch bags anymore? okay, so i understand the theory behind plastic boxes with lion king prints - thought totally cute - are kind of a burdon to carry around, but i try not to use brown bags because i strongly dislike wasting pieces of paper... especially when i know it's difficult to find any place in manhattan to recycle on common avenues. that's when, to my delight, i came by the newly released, fifi lapin le sport sac lunch bag!

what a great solution! no more bruised fruit or messy purses for this this young lady ;-) by the way, i hope everyone has a pleasant valentine's filled with sweet boxes of chocolate!