Wednesday, February 18, 2009

afternoon delight

now playing "i want the be cold" by the microphones

so i was caught up in a frenzy all day. it's new york, been on my feet working since the morning, and on top of it all it's fashion week. well, what's a girl to expect? but i finally had a chance to sit down for some brunch with a date with WWD topped with a venti caramel coffee concoction (with some extra whipped cream)... digging through a bunch or papers and was able to pass by a little marc by marc. i became overjoyed to see a great gatsby attire revival by marc by marc reinterpreted for the modern man. from the brushed up hair to a gentile mix of saturated prints and wovens projected on the boys were definitely something i was hoping to see ::sigh:: if only i had a boyfriend to dress in the collection!

so that's a snippet of what i hope to see worn on the isle next fall... and don't think i'm leaving without posting s'more things i hope to get my hands on. the far right is another piece by marc by marc. the tasteful layers and cheerful winter color combo comes together to form an outfit that i could totally see myself navigating the park in when the leaves are at their peak.... socks, boots, scarf, jacket, and all!

and the original marc jacobs collection from the other day had a few pieces that caught my attention on the same level:

alright, well, i'll be back in the tents for most of tomorrow. hopefully i'll have time to keep you posted!