Tuesday, November 4, 2008

lady liberty

listening to: "the counting song" by the loyal we

it's the most satisfying feeling having been able to vote. of course, since it's my first time doing so and, being that i am home and all, my mom insisted on taking a picture of my first day. it made me laugh because it brought back the old memories of day one at kinder garden!

i did however spend the morning in the upper east side taking pictures that i'm developing to create a photo-joiner of the two hour long lines going down third avenue of people waiting to vote. it's for a portfolio piece i'm calling "the faces behind the ballot". barbara walters was one of a few that made the cut. i have to admit though, most people looked so somber in the single file lines down the streets "it's as if they're waiting to get holy communion." either way i was so impatient all day and was so thrilled to be back in new jersey, dust off my bike, and head to the town library to pick my ideal candidate.

after going to the there, i should probably mention, i decided that i want to work at the library during the summer just so i can read tons of book, wear cute outfits, and hang out with the little kids the whole time!

[dress: h&m, vest: bdg, blouse: go!, bow tie: vintage]
history in the making

afterwards i went to rob's for all my instrumental gadget needs!
tra dada da deet do da da!