Thursday, November 6, 2008

little bitty pretty one

Currently stuck in my head: "les champs-élysées" by joe dassin

Narciso, Narciso, Narciso... all we are hearing about - in regards to style at least - is the unflattering choice Michelle made the night of the election. In my personal opinion, I too feel the selection was just mediocre and lacked the effortless swank I was anticipating to see that big night. Luckily, I was more concerned with what Barack had to say anyway. Just admit it... the dress simply was better suited for Irina Kulikova. Regardless, I do appreciate the first lady's (boy, does it feel good to be able to say that) step away from the conventional attire we are all oh-so-often forced to accept. Who said real life, successful women can't take some risks with their wardrobes?

I also want to say how upset I am that Sasha Obama isn't getting any press on this! C'mon! Did you see her exaggerated, black bow dress that was topped with a complimenting cropped, velvety button-up jacket? I wanted to grab her and squeeze her cheeks on that stage. Keep an eye out America... we have a new, tween fashion icon on our hands!