Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rue du jour

currently podding to "winter is the season" by boy.

it's time to have a very serious conversation boys and girls... it's around this time last year that i started my internship at teen vogue and i was enlightened with a new affection for manoush thanks, in part, to one of the freelance stylist working there at the same time i was. i renember the illuminated smile that would appear on my face every single time i would unload the deliveries of samples from their season's collection! everything looked so charmingly fragile. during my travels across europe this summer, i was lucky enough to have strayed away after visiting the Louvre onto a little, cobblestone street that took me to the doorsteps of their boutique. with pastels galore, over-sized jewels, calico florals, and white laced tights... it was all just a dream come true - sigh - all the more reasons why i need a trip back to france!

oh and their winter collection is something i'm so putting on my holiday wish list! the dainty dresses and
those wittle rabbits they use in their ads are a simple necessity for every girl's daydreams!