Saturday, October 11, 2008

seeing red

Currently singing along to: "i've searched the whole world over" by big mama thornton

This past week I have tried boycotting most news publications having been unsatisfied with the results of the bills passed in response to the crisis at Wall Street. Stubborn move, I know, but I did however manage to tune into George W's speech yesterday; a supplication for the international financial crisis to be dealt with similarly from one idustrial nation to the next through universal enforcement and the G7's intended actions to move credit within the countries. The very thought of all this made my heart a little heavy. I again began to question the limitations put on our ideal "capitalist" beliefs that are constantly choked by our government's intervention. Is it not these very behaviors that are paving us into the fundamentals of socialism? Most of us rely on banks funded or controlled by the Federal Bank in order to afford modern necessities as cars, homes, and education. In George Lunt's words:
"If it continues at this rate it will soon be called the United Socialist States of America (USSA). While dictators like Stalin were trying to force the population of the USSR into submission, the Corporate Aliens launched a quiet invasion, and little by little gained more and more control over the majority of the American people. Unlike the Soviet Union, US socialism is not totally government controlled, but it's a joint effort of both government and corporate entities. What's even worse, is that the entire world is being groomed based on similar principles."

Putin's pal Dmitry Medvedev and the lingering KBG's must be finding it much easier to swallow all the recent news broadcasts than the rest of us. And why not cut in a mild smirk too?

Anyway - so let's bring me back to the original reason why I wanted to write this post; besides my ongoing frustrations.The common misconception, I feel, that many of us have is that of the original theories behind true communism. I had a interesting conversation with an on-and-off Republican supporter on the bus to New York this week. We went back and forth, while stuck in heavy traffic, agreeing and disagreeing (mostly disagreeing) on the history of politics. Though we butted heads a few times, I liked listening to his values. Having lived through the Cold War, he brought to the table his understanding of communism. At one point the man sneered after making a comment on Marxism. What Americans, are often motioned to believe is that communism can be exemplified through the Soviet reign from 1922-1991. Because of this, Karl's Marx and Friedrich Engels' original philosophies are time after time skewed. This is why I thought it would be nice to propose for you guys to read their work "The Communist Manifesto" aka the little red book... if you haven't already. When I first read it I remember the fun I had digging into the context and appreciating certain themes from it. Marx and Engel's truly went into great depths to demonstrate the necessities in order to reach a sincere, communist society. One example that enters mind is the fact that their philosophy states that the fellowship would be run by the people rather than the usual perception where a centrally-planned economy is ruled by an authoritative government. So if you have some time go out and at least skim through the pages. It's a fairly short read too!

I am, by no means, advising for you to accept these ideas but simply be aware of them. I really dislike the fact that many of us are misinformed and do not have enough fact to support our opinions efficiently. I've been caught red-handed before. Let's all just keep an open mind by listening to all possible sides of a story. With a very important election approaching us, the very thought that uneducated citizens have the power to sway votes scares the living day lights out of me.