Thursday, September 17, 2009

runway report

I cannot express enough the surge of ebullience I have experienced this entire week! The past two seasons in New York had surely taken a gyrating, downward turn at the park. However, with maybe the support of industry personal - Anna requesting the birth of the "night out" era and Milk Studios organizing a series of shows while V Magazine assisted Marc Jacobs by co-hosting his soiree - this week has sincerely lifted the morale of many, many à la mode fanatics. Take my experience at Dennis Basso's show for example, yesterday, where all attendees were rooting on as Michael Jackson tributes blasted throughout the promenade as the models showcased demure dresses designed by Basso himself. Everyone seemed to be tapping their feet and bopping their heads to "Billie Jean." It was certainly a pleasant change of pace from the stiffened attitude previously seen!

When it comes to trends, it can grow to be quite difficult to pass any permanent judgement this early in the game. New York tends to be the slightly more humdrum of fashion weeks in my opinion out of the batch of scheduled cities. ( I apologize but I have an absolutely uncontrollable bias for all things Parisian ;-X ) Nonetheless, I was able to pull together some notable trends that are making a debut for Spring or are reemerging once again, with an elevated importance. Here it goes: