Friday, September 11, 2009

every girls' wish

So it's around this time of year where I feel like every day I act as a little child does on the eve of Christmas, constantly awaiting for the great surprise that unravels itself the proceeding day. To my luck, trade season provides us - those who are smitten by all things revolving around the bombastic world of art, beauty, and fashion - the chance to pace around in anticipation day after day after day after day. Luckily with events occurring off the Bryant Park site, we are able to obtain little snippets of next season's collections off location. Take for example, our endearing NY friend Rachel Comey who has created a rooted and loyal fan base (including moi!) by creating meticulous, flirty creations time and time again. She assembles pragmatic yet spirited attire that can be miss-matched into your already existing wardrobe without a question. My favorite look is displayed on the far right, but what I absolutely must get my hands on is a pair of her sculpted shoes! When visiting the designer herself in showroom this past summer, I had a chance to witness these marvelous guys in person... and let me tell you, they're certainly something alright to exhaust your paycheck for!