Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If you rewind history, we were stuck in a time of Sputnik and President John F. Kennedy's unforgettable space speech in the 1960's. But what we fail to realize is the significance of it all and it's impact on us today. It helped us form a pattern, a tradition so to speak, to think forward into the future. "Space, the final frontier..." when those words were first heard in the opening credits to the original StarTrek on the eight of September in 1966, television was changed forever. Though the uniforms on the television show may have been regulation - long-sleeved jerseys with the Starship Federation insignia on the chest and gold detailing on the cuffs for men; a mini dress version of the same general look for women - their geometric, modern lines have been inspiring design creations ever since. We have undoubtedly been intrigued by the idea of future and worlds outside our own. A little over a month ago we celebrated our own landing on the moon. Through these minimalistic curvature concepts for silhouettes and Y3K inspired looks are definitely generated for the space age, they seem to be just as appropriate when shape-shifted into our daily lives this fall. Morph this look into your wardrobe with solid pieces that work with what you already own. Visualize yourself in a pair of D&G square sunglasses or perhaps a Calvin Klein rounded-shoulder blazer.