Monday, August 24, 2009

head games

tuning in to "in the different light" by hagga and the thieves from the north

So remember when I wrote a concise segment on hair inspirations from Rachel Comey's style models that strutted down the catwalk? Well, about an issue ago, Teen Vogue opted for this very look during their photoshoot titled "new balance: stretch the rules—and your imagination! there's more than one way to wear fall's must-have leggings." i simply could not help but grow ever so afluttered upon flipping through page after page, yearning to try this hairdo out for myself. to top it off, there were some other pieces floating through the spread worth mentioning from london underground lace ups to engineered leggings that were simply to-die-for! did i forget to mention the vibrancy of the color pallets in every shot?